Privacy Policy for DisComMis 

Updated October 2018


DisComMis's data responsibility

Various DisComMis apps have options for users to provide/store information within the apps and we have therefore adopted this Privacy Policy, which briefly tells you how we treat your information to ensure fair and transparent processing.

The only data we process is:

- data supplied by you in creating logins which then allow you to add your own information/data into the app(s) for syncing across devices using our cloud storage.

- data that you enter in to app(s) once you have created logins.


Contact information on data controller

DisComMis is the data controller and we ensure that your personal data/information is processed in accordance with the laws.

Contact information:

Contact person: David Wanstall




Processing personal data/information:

Normally you data is only accessed by you in the course of using the apps.  Processing of the data is done by the apps.  Our approved admins have the capability to access your data and this would usually only be done for troubleshooting and/or by your request.


We do not collect digital footsteps, such as cookies, from you.



When you create a login on a DisComMis app, you give your active consent to store that data (and any subsequent data you add to any app) and to use it in running your access to that app.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by notifying us at


Dispatch of your personal information

We do not disclose personal data/nformation to third parties for marketing or the like without your consent.

Storage and deletion of your information

Most data entered by you in our apps can be deleted by you within the app.  When this is done it deletes the data on devices and in our cloud storage.  It is not reversible and we can’t recover that data for you.  Just deleting the app from your device DOES NOT delete the data.  Usually the only data that can’t be directly deleted by you is your login details.

If you would like assistance in deleting your data and/or your login details from our services please contact the email address above.

The security of your data

DisComMis keeps your information to comply with relevant laws and your data will not be disseminated beyond your consent.


We use secure connections and access protection.

In case of a security breach on our systems, we will notify you via email within 72 hours.


Your rights

You have a number of special rights for regarding your personal data:  

You can make use of your rights, including making an objection to our processing, by contacting us at We will answer you within 4 weeks.


Revision of privacy policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy from time to time. Changes will change the date at the top of the privacy policy. The current privacy policy will be available on our website. In case of significant changes, you will be notified at the email address we have on you.